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I know I haven’t posted in a long time.
Sorry about that. I have been extremely
busy with some projects and just haven’t
had the time or focus to keep current on
my blog here. But I promise that is about
to change starting now.

So, what have I been up to that has kept
me so busy? Well my primary business
(AdzZoo: which is a Web Presence
Management company)
has been and
currently is in a launch of our sister
company (Qnanza: which is a Better Way
for businesses to use deep discount coupons
to bring in new customers).
You can find
out more about either of these by clicking
their respective names (I will be doing
posts specific to each of these in the near

I have also been involved in the launch of
7 minute workout of which will be the
subject of my next post, but which you
can watch a replay of one of our webinars
explaining how to get into the best shape
of your life working out only 7 minutes a
day, 3 days a week by clicking here.

Todays post is about the lead funnel called
audio viagra torrent

C” href=”” target=”_blank”>Sic (Second Income Coach), the Funded
Proposal Funded Sponsoring Marketing System.

Anyone interested in making money online
will want to plug into this exciting system.
Whether you are just now looking into ways
to make money online, or have been around
for a while, you will want to know about SIC.

You can have the best product/service, the
best affiliate program, home-based business,
etc., but in order to grow you need new people
to tell about what you have.

In fact every business needs three things to
grow their business, and without these you
have no viable business.

What are those three things?

1) Lead Generation

2) Appointment Setting

3) Lead Conversion

So if you don’t have a variety of ways to
acquire the first you will have a difficult
time doing the other two.

You always want to have more than one lead
source. So, over time I will post about the
various ways that I get new leads.

One way to acquire leads is SIC’s Funded
Proposal Funded Sponsoring Marketing System.

The system is awesome in that it brings together
ALL the things that someone just starting or
even been online for a while needs to generate

So what is SIC? As mentioned before SIC stands
for Second Income Coach and is a Funded Proposal
Funded Sponsoring Marketing System.

Get trained on how to brand yourself AND build
multiple streams of income FREE! You will learn
how to get Free Organic Targeted Leads.

This is a full step by step training on how to generate
leads while making an income an easily incorporates
your primary business into the system so that your
downline stays with you through the process.

Complete with the SIC Checklist, so you can check
off as you go; and the Getting Started page with
tutorials to get you started off right and quick.

SIC teaches 5 concepts:

List Building and Monetizing Your List:
How to use autoresponders, social media like YouTube,
Twitter, Facebook, blogging and blog building and more.

Funded Proposals and Funded Sponsoring:
Put money in your pocket NOW as you grow your
online enterprise.

Leverage and Duplication:
Develope that second income while still working a full-time job.

Successful Products and Services to Sell:
Showing you how to have multiple income streams.

Your Skill Set:
Learning the proper skill set which is so often ovelooked
when it comes to business on or offline.

All the SIC training archives, and scripts, and lead pages,
the whole SIC Marketing area is just full of helps to
make your mark on the internet.

This is a must have for anyone interested in or is
currently active in making money online.
Click here and get started with SIC.

Be sure and get in on my “How To Brand You” by
filling in the form in the upper right of my blog.

If you have any questions at all, you can contact
me on Skype: IamJeffWillis.

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