My 7 Minute Workout Personal Testimony

Over the past 2-3 years I have been slowly but
surely getting myself an education about the current
and changing digital world in which we live; including
Google, Facebook and its fan pages, Webcasting, twitter,
LinkedIn, Deep Discounts, youtube, blogs, free reports,
giveaways, list building, and so much more, and how
all these relate to marketing, sales, and advertising.
I like to find the tools, services, and training that help
me get a better and growing presence on the internet
and share the whole with others looking for the same.

As I’ve done so over the years, when a great thing
comes across my eye, and it makes sense for me to
use personally, and I think it would benefit others,
I will talk about it. And I’ve come across something
almost everyone can benefit from in one way or another.


Knowing I’ve needed to get in better shape and health,
I’ve looked into a few Health related affiliate programs.
So glad that Joel and Chris have put 7MW together; it is
much needed for me personally and a large portion of the

Before I found 7 minute workout I had moved into a little
bit more of a sedentary lifestyle. I was still getting out
walking several miles a day several days a week, still
getting out two-steppin’, but I was no longer doing
physical labor as a means of getting paid.

I was now sitting behind a computer, getting soft and
losing strength. Along the way I had  a couple of encounters
with lower back problems; the latest causing problems in a
lower disc in my back.

I knew I needed to strengthen my back, but I also wanted to
get stronger over all and I would like to experience some fat
loss in the process which I had been putting on. I had been
doing stretch exercises recommended by my chiropractor
when I heard about the 7 minute workout by Joel Therien
and Chris Reid, so I took a look. And what I found changed
my whole perspective on working out and nutrition!

Now, of course I had had my share of health and nutrition
and physical education during school and life, but I had
never gotten the education I have and am getting with the
7 minute workout; and that education has made and continues
to make 7mw a standout above the rest.

I knew working out and eating right were necessary for good
health, but I never knew how to optimize a workout for maximum
benefit, or why I would fall off a workout program–I know now.

Education about how the body works to get the best and
most out of a workout is probably the most important aspect
I’ve learned to give me the vision to stay on track–I know
what I am doing WILL produce the Results I desire! Combine
that with the facts about nutrition and I’m already a winner.

Now, after a few months on the 7mw I have noticed several
important observations:

1. I am still working out three plus months later!
2. I am getting stronger
3. I am feeling better.
4. I am enjoying and looking forward to working out
5. My focus is clearer
6. My energy is up
7. My back is less sore
8. I have full movement in my lower back and no pain

I’ve pulled my belt in a notch
10. I stand straighter
11. I can dip the ladies on the dance floor
12. I am more active
13. I am educating others from what I’ve learned and experienced
14. Others have noticed a difference
15. My chiropractor says I come in alignment easier
16. I am on the road to the results I desire
17. I recommend 7mw to others
18. Friends and family have taken an interest

In conclusion, I find that the 7 minute workout is a great
fit for me personally to get into the best shape of my life
working out 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

It is also one of the best opportunities I have going for
making money from home in a growing online market place.

I encourage you to take a look at the recorded webinar
that goes into detail about what the 7 minute workout is
and how works. You will be able to try out the 7mw for
$1 for a full 10 day cycle. After that, its just $24.95
per month, which gives you and a workout partner,
spouse, buddy, each a full workout profile; complete
with training videos, workout videos tailored specifically
for your profile, recipes, a community support system,
and so much more to help you get into the best shape of
your life! And stay in the best shape of your life!

If you watch the video and decide it just makes sense
and not only want to have your own membership, but
would also like to make the 7mw available to others,
because you know that they will be asking you about
your results, and just know others will want to know
about it, you can click here to get started. You will
also receive 6 give away memberships for special
family and friends to get the conversation going and
generate interest in the 7mw program even faster!

Click here Now to get started!

Can I ask a favor? Please leave a comment I would greatly

appreciate it if you did. Also, if you would like to hear more

about the 7 minute workout or sit in on a live 7mw webcast,

skype me at IamJeffWillis

Feeling Better, Getting Stronger!   ~ Jeff Willis <><

Thanks much! Until next time.

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